Moral Obligation or None of my Business?

If I find out your Boyfriend is cheating but you don’t really know me very well, would you want me to tell you? Some would say it is imperative that I do, others would say it’s nothing to do with me.

Living with someone who works in the Bartending industry as well as above a bar, you start to see a lot of questionable behaviour. At the risk of offending every Bartender acquaintance I have, I have noticed that quite often, their morals can become pretty questionable. Now there are many guys and girls who enjoy a life of promiscuity but I would say that this is far more prevalent in the Bar industry particularly because if you stick a person behind a bar, apparently they automatically become several notches hotter than before. I’m not really sure why or how but I have seen it happen on enough occasions to know that if you’re on the right side of the bar, your chances of sleeping with that girl you’ve been eyeing up are immediately much higher.

This of course, leads to a lot of temptation. Now clearly temptation in this sense can be a great amount of fun. I mean, everyone likes to have a little bit of attention from someone they might be interested in but what I have come to notice is that there are a large majority of people in the industry that abuse this. They use these customers as tools to cheat on their significant others and this is something I think is despicable. Now obviously this doesn’t just refer to Bartenders but seeing as they have so much temptation, it is clearly a fair bit more likely to happen in such an environment. At any given moment, I am usually aware of at least three people who are currently cheating on their partner. This brings me to the actual purpose of what I am writing.

What is my moral obligation when knowing that a person is cheating on their significant other? I always feel obliged to tell the other person as I believe it is insanely immoral to cheat on a partner. If you want promiscuous sex that’s great for you but don’t drag anybody else into your situation. It isn’t fair, it’s insulting and degrading and disrespectful. Saying that, if I don’t know their other half that well, is it interfering in something that isn’t my business?

Personally, I would want to know if my trust was being betrayed but am I in the minority there? Would most people prefer to figure it out themselves? I would never want to overstep my boundaries by getting involved where I shouldn’t but I see too many people taking advantage of their work positions to fool around with people who aren’t their partners. The excuse ‘It’s my job’ is brandished about by Bartenders everywhere as an excuse to flirt with guests whilst their significant others sit by and watch but regardless of whether this is acceptable or not using it as a tool to cheat someone is taking it way too far. Personally I believe, if you are a good bartender you should be able to upsell/get tips etc without having to always resort to using sexual behaviour as a tool- hell, male bartenders don’t flirt with male customers to do this so it’s obviously possible.

So I guess I just want to know what other people think. Is it a moral obligation to tell someone when their partner is cheating regardless of how well you know them or should you stay out of it and let them unknowingly create a life with a liar and a cheat?

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