Should Employers be obligated to read all applications?

Recently I have spent a fair few hours applying for jobs online. I’m not in a major rush to find one as in the mean time, I have been working on a few writing projects but something keeps happening that is starting to get to me.

In the past week, I have received several emails from companies I have applied for jobs with and not only have these jobs turned me down (which I am fine with. If my application wasn’t strong enough, that’s no problem) but they have also written in the email that they haven’t even read my application because they have received so many.

This makes me pretty angry if I’m honest. I don’t care how many applications you have received, it is pretty immoral not to read them all. You, as an employer, have allowed me sit at my computer and write up an exhaustive list of answers to questions, explain my life history and do several online tests in hopes of receiving an interview but you cannot be bothered to sit there and take the same amount of time, or even less to read through what I have sent you? It’s not on. It’s a waste of my time and it’s extremely unprofessional. Then there is the fact that some of these companies are signed up to the Two Ticks Scheme. This means that as long as the applicant meets the minimum requirements for the job, anyone with a disability will receive a guaranteed interview. If an employer signs up with this scheme and decides halfway through that they won’t continue reading any more applications, there could be serious implications if one of those people whose application has been neglected is in fact disabled. Or do disabled people get a guaranteed CV reading as well?

It makes me sit and wonder why on earth I waste anywhere up to an hour filling out application forms online if it’s not even going to be read. I could have spent my time applying for a position that was actually going to bother appreciating their applicants. Now I do understand that in the current climate as well as the sector I wish to find jobs in, there are a lot of people applying but then why not set up the system to close off applications after a specific amount? Or even just keep an eye on it during the day and take it down when you notice that you have too many applicants to get through?

It just makes the whole process of job hunting very demoralising when you are receiving email after email basically telling you ‘We don’t really know if you’re good enough for this job but to be honest, we couldn’t be bothered to go through all the applications so let’s just assume you weren’t.’ It’s one of those situations where the company needs to be responsible enough to deal with their application process. If it makes it a nightmare for them to have so many people applying, why not impose some sort of system which stops mugs like me from spending hours of my day filling out form after form, explaining why I want this job, what I could bring to the company and my employment history since I was bloody fourteen. I know that it isn’t every company and in fact, there are many companies which have an exemplary system for dealing with applications but it just seems with the amount of technology currently available, there should be a way in which situations like this could be avoided.

It’s also concerning when you consider that I know that I responded to one of those adverts on the day it was put up and it was still up a week later- so assuming they go through applications in the order they come in and they didn’t manage to even read mine, what about all the six days worth of applicants after me? Unless they looked at applications in the order that they appeared in their inbox in which case I guess it serves me right for trying to be organised.

I would love to say that this was just a one off but it’s not. If employers can’t even manage to anticipate the fact that they will be getting a large volume of applicants when I can work that out for myself, then what exactly are we supposed to believe is going on in the heads of the people that we are asking to give us a job.

Does this bother anyone else or is it just me?

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