Loyalty Pays- How and when to use your loyalty cards!

On days like today, in which I looked at my bank account and almost cried, I like to have a few securities around to ensure I can still treat myself without having to delve into my purse. At any given time, I will most likely have at least one completely stamped loyalty card for coffee in my purse. This is because I only use them when I really can’t afford to be buying coffee.

Treating yourself when you are having to tighten the purse strings can be a bit worrying- on the one hand, its eight in the morning and you really want a coffee, on the other, you know it will mean having to dip into your overdraft and that’s not really something anyone wants to do so instead, I make a point of saving loyalty cards. My boyfriend has been consistently ripping the piss out of me for it ever since I have met him.

“Are you excited to get your stamp?”

“It’s not worth it.”

“What’s the point if you have to buy 10 coffees to get a free one?”

“It’s only a couple of quid to buy one, it’s not the end of the world.”

Well the point is, you are getting a free coffee for no reason other than the fact you’ve bought coffee there before- which was something you were going to do in any case. Being low on money sucks and having to change your regular pattern to curb your spending is only going to make you feel even worse about it so carrying a card around for each coffee store you visit is definitely a worthwhile investment.

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Now not all coffee places do these cards in the traditional system- of the big three (Costa, Starbucks and Cafe Nero) only Cafe Nero has a physical stamping card but Starbucks has a card system- every fifteenth drink you buy using your Starbucks card is free. Costa uses a points system on their Costa Card in which you receive five points for each pound you spend with each point being worth a penny- it takes a little while to start building up the points but they start you off with 100 bonus points just for signing up. That’s a free pound just for picking up the card and registering your details!

I don’t personally believe that we should only be using the big three coffee companies for such things so go ahead and look for alternative places. A lot of smaller coffee companies still do these sort of promotions, it’s just something you have to have a look for and obviously I can’t give you a list of all the local companies to you.

This doesn’t just apply to coffee houses either. Most smaller sandwich shops will have these kind of promotions and I currently have a half stamped Bubble Tea card from MooBoo! Always be on the lookout for these kinds of cards- they’re nearly always at the counter and if they aren’t, ask someone who works there. They may not have a loyalty card to give you but they can probably fill you in on any deals or promotions they have which could be just as useful.

If you are after a few basic tips on how to save, check out this post  from a few weeks ago.

  2 comments for “Loyalty Pays- How and when to use your loyalty cards!

  1. Sam w
    August 17, 2014 at 8:53 pm

    Get a waitrose card and get a free coffee every day, sign up for John lewis as well and you get piece of cake each month and a coffee :)

    • August 17, 2014 at 9:31 pm

      That’s awesome :) I knew about Waitrose but not about John Lewis- Must go sign up ASAP!

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