Don’t be Afraid of Change

It’s amazing how life can surprise you. There are a couple of things in my life which I never thought would be significant. Sometimes you will have discounted something previously, maybe you were a little bit too judgemental but then something happens and things change. Your prejudices become a bit less harsh and you realise that maybe ideas and opinions you may have had in your formative years are not necessarily correct.

For anyone that knows me, that thing that was always most hated in my life was alcohol. Alcohol has been a big influence in my life since I was young. My Father had always been a bit too fond of a pint and as a result, I began to despise it. He was given the choice to quit the drinking or lose his family and of course, as many alcoholics do, he chose his beloved alcohol. So it was that my parents split and as per the divorce agreement, we would visit every other weekend where he would promptly take us to the pub. He would sit and drink whilst we played outside with all the other Alcoholic’s offspring. We were lucky in that sense, we only had one parent half-living in the pub.

As a teenager, I fought hard against alcohol. Whilst all my friends were out getting wasted at house parties, I sat at home on MSN with a couple of foreign friends. Being so introvert made it easier for me to not get tempted by these parties. These parties and gatherings that were absolute hell in my eyes. There were a couple of instances where I drank a little but on the whole, I was tee-total until I left University. Cue meeting and falling in love with a Bartender.

IMG_0605Now I’m not saying I just threw in the towel and became a raging alcoholic but I did slowly begin to drink a little more. I learned to enjoy and understand more about different types of alcohol and if I’m honest, my family still look at me like I’ve grown an extra head when I grab a cider from the fridge or tell them about a flairing competition I’m going to be filming for Morten. In fact, I think out of everyone in my family, I was least likely to date a bartender or start drinking at all.

So back to my original point: If ten years ago, you had told me I would be dating a bartender, pretty much only know bartenders, drink and be mainly surrounded by cocktail culture, I would have called the nearest funny farm and had them pick you up, pronto. Things change. I have learned to change my opinion on something I never thought I would and although I hate Morten’s erratic schedule and the over the top drinking culture his work mates try their hardest to drag him in to (and it’s not like he doesn’t go willingly), it has actually enriched my life. As a direct result of Morten’s interest in cocktails, I have been lucky enough to visit some brilliant bars in London, meet some wonderful people and learn a lot of interesting things.

I always thought it was alcohol I had the problem with. From meeting Morten, I realised that it is the irresponsible use of alcohol that makes me angry. It’s the fact that people don’t know when to stop and in fact, it’s other people’s choices that made me struggle to get on with alcohol.

Sometimes we carry prejudices with us just because we’ve had them so long and not because they still apply. So I ask you this. Take a look at some of the assumptions and ideas you formed when you were young. Do any of them seem to be a difficult fit with your ideals now? Did you make those judgements based on things that don’t fit now or ideas that you thought were right at the time? It could be anything. A snap judgement about a group of people, an addiction or even a bad experience with hospitals. Maybe it’s time to grow up and let your opinions grow with you.

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