Luxembourg Day One

Day One was an early start for us! Up at five, my mate Pri’s Boyfriend graciously agreed to give us a lift to Heathrow and, with barely four hours sleep between us, we made our way through security and onto the plane without incident.

Luxembourg Airport (1 of 1)

We arrived in Luxembourg around 10ish local time and although we had to wait an hour to check in, the Ibis were happy to stash our suitcases for us whilst we grabbed a coffee in the Airport. Ibis Budget is less than ten minutes walk from the airport and perfect if all you need is a base for your stay. Our twin room was simple and included everything we needed for our stay. We had fresh towels every day, plastic cups were replaced and everything was clean. The only issue we had was that the pillows were a bit thin however I get the feeling that if we had asked for another one each the staff would have been happy to provide these.

We decided to use Day One as time to familiarise ourselves with the city and plan exactly what we wanted to do for the rest of the week. Our hotel was a twenty minute bus ride from the city however day bus passes were only €4 bought on either the bus itself or from a ticket machine at the airport. The 29 Bus ran directly into town from the bus stop outside the hotel or we could jump on the 16 as well as the 29 if we walked to the airport. We got off at Gare Centrale which was the stop directly next to Luxembourg Rail Station and after grabbing a coffee and a bunny shaped pastry in the closest bakery, we began to explore. 

Houses (1 of 1)

Two things struck me as I wandered around the streets of Luxembourg. One was just how clean the city seemed to be and also, just how beautiful the views were. Luxembourg is steeped in history and this was immediately visible in the streets and general surroundings in a way that it isn’t in a lot of cities. 

Street sign (1 of 1)

We made a list of everything we wanted to do whilst we were in Luxembourg. Top of the list for me was the Bock Casemates however there was so many things we wanted to do, we opted to get a Luxembourg Card. The staff the Tourist Office were very helpful. They checked to make sure we would be doing enough museums and touristy things to ensure we would save money with the card. As it turned out, this was the best thing we could have done to save money. The card costs €13 for a day, €20 for two and €28 for three and includes free entry to loads of attractions in the city as well as the rest of Luxembourg. Travel is also included on trains and buses. We opted for a 2 day pass and as we were already paying €4 a day for travel, we would only have to do €13 worth of activities to save money.

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I’d say that it is a good idea to get a Luxembourg Card booklet from the Tourist office as this has the full list of tourist spots and activities covered and discounted by the card. The activities are colour coded and split by region so you can plan exactly each day’s itinerary by location. I’d say on the whole, if you find more than 2 activities that you want to do each day then you will most likely save money with the card but that’s not a definitive rule.    

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After walking around all day, we decided to grab a quick dinner and head back to the hotel early so that we catch up on sleep and come up with a holiday plan. The following was the list we came up with: 

 Wednesday: Bock Casemates, Luxembourg History Museum, Musée Dräi Eechelen (Fortress Museum) and the Petrusse Express (Tourist road train) which for some insane reason, Pri became a little obsessed with during our stay!

Thursday: Vianden Castle, Victor Hugo Museum

Friday: Daytrip to Metz, France

Saturday: Mullerthal Trail 

Sunday: Coffee and Cake day!

We didn’t completely stick to the plan but we did manage to do most of the things we were really set on. Day Two will be coming up soon!


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