Luxembourg! It’s a tiny sovereign state in the middle of Europe. Squashed in between Belgium, France and Germany, it’s completely landlocked and maybe not an immediate choice for a spring break but let’s be completely honest here; my best mate and I SkyScanner’d cheap flights and Luxembourg came up as one of the top options. Both of us needed a break from the frantic city life here in London so we booked flights and an Ibis Budget right next to Luxembourg Findel Airport for five nights which came to just under £200. For a city break during the Easter Holidays, we were pretty pleased with ourselves!

Luxembourg Airport (1 of 1)


I must admit, booking a hotel right next to the Airport worried me a little as I wanted as much rest as possible. Would I be able to get sleep a five minute walk away from the runway? I needn’t have worried. Luxembourg’s Findel Airport isn’t terribly big and pretty much all flights tended to be during the daytime. Our hotel was about a twenty minute bus journey away from the city centre and the buses ran pretty regularly so we were able to get in and out of town pretty easily whenever we wanted. Every morning we would walk to the airport, buy our €4 daily bus passes from the ticket machine and hop on either the 29 or 16 bus into Gare Central (city centre). From there we would pop into one of the local Cafes and grab a cup of coffee and a pastry for breakfast. This little routine probably got a bit out of hand as towards the middle of the holiday we started having coffee and cake for lunch as well!

Bridge and House (1 of 1)


Generally Luxembourg City is a pretty relaxed for a city. There are two main parts to the central part of the city that we explored. These were the area around the train station which was more modern and built up with a larger population of clothes shops and Luxembourg City Old Town which is where the more beautiful, scenic parts of the city lie. Luxembourg City itself is rather unique in that it’s old buildings and architecture all seem to exist pretty harmoniously with their new infrastructure. The newer parts of the city are built upwards above the historical parts and this is what creates the stunning views from the bridges and roads above.

Flowers (1 of 1)

For such a small city, there is more to do than you would expect in regards to culture and sightseeing – Bock Casemates, the fortress, museums and a chance to catch the Union Jack still flying above the European Union building if you are so inclined!

View from the Casemates

Rather than squishing everything into one post, I’m going to take our trip day by day so that I can give a bit more of my experience than just a general overview however, let me tell you, I have rarely felt so relaxed in a city in life!

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