About Me


You’ve reached my ‘About Me’ page where you’ll get to learn a little more behind the person running Stacealot.com as well as my reasoning for starting the site in the first place.

As you have probably deduced from the name of the site, my name is Stacey! I grew up in London and have yet to find a place I feel more at home.

At some point in the last few years, I acquired a Bachelors degree in Television and Radio Production however this website was primarily started to revert back to my first love, writing. I have, in my twenty-fourth year on this planet, finished writing my first Young Adult fiction novel which I am currently looking for representation for.

The things I write about on here tend to be issues which I have passion about one way or another but it’s nearly always things that get me fired up.

I’m slowly getting into photography, enjoy baking, cooking and obsessing over television series.