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Change Feet

Don’t be Afraid of Change

It’s amazing how life can surprise you. There are a couple of things in my life which I never thought would be significant. Sometimes you will have discounted something previously, maybe you were a little bit too judgemental but then something happens and things change. Your prejudices become a bit less harsh and you realise that maybe ideas and opinions… Read more →


How Depression can become an addiction

Having suffered from on and off Depression (and Anxiety) for almost ten years now, I have recently started to feel a whole lot better. In fact, I have gotten to the stage where I can actually look at depression in an objective fashion and see exactly how the feeling of sadness and emptiness traps you. Something that bugs me though… Read more →

Don’t be a Worry Wart…

We all do it yet I feel some of us do nothing but worry. I know I spend a good percentage of the time worrying about ridiculous things that I have no reason to be concerned about. Yesterday I received quite an aggressive email from a couple I had considered as friends. Apparently they had been angry at me for… Read more →